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Academic programs

The Academic programs are intended to substantially improve undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate student opportunities through the following:

Residency program

The 12-month program will be similar to spending a year in a Masters or PhD program in machine learning. Residents will read papers, work on research projects, and will be encouraged to publish their work. By the end of the program, residents will have significant research experience in machine learning. Residents will have the opportunity to be mentored by scientists and engineers from various teams within Cirrus and will work on real world machine learning problems and applications. In addition, they will have the opportunity to collaborate and partner closely with various research and applied groups across Cirrus. Typical candidates will have a BS, MS or PhD or equivalent experience in STEM field such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Engineering or Materials Science. However, applications will not be restricted to these fields, as the interest is in individuals who are motivated to learn and have a strong interest and passion for machine learning.

PhD Internship program

In this 5-month program interns will collaborate with scientists and engineers to design, implement and evaluate machine learning algorithms and techniques. Interns will engage in team collaborations to meet research goals, report and present research findings and developments. Interns will bridge the gap between research and products by integrating new fundamental research into applied projects and identifying interesting real world problems to research. This program will be targeted at interns that are studying towards a PhD in machine learning or a related field and are in their penultimate or final year of study.

Postdoc program

The 12-month program is for graduating PhD students, ideally suited for those wanting to become leaders in the field. The program provides the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research, both theoretical and applied, providing the necessary expertise prior to moving into industry or a faculty position.

The post holder will have considerable freedom to pursue novel research projects within Cirrus areas of interest, either individually or in collaboration with team members. There is also the opportunity to have research outcomes realised in new products and services through the Cirrus FOUNDRY.

The postdoctoral position provides the opportunity to:

  • Gain research experience with expert guidance in a multidisciplinary setting.
  • Earn authorship credit.
  • Participate in the Open Learning program, salons, teatime sessions, in person Summer and Winter programs, seminars, lectures, and conferences.

Postdocs will have a PhD in a relevant discipline and the ability to contribute at the leading edge of research, or in its application.

Assistantship program

The duration of the Assistantship program will vary depending on the requirement. It is designed to combine specialised technical skills with research experience in order to enable innovative research. The Assistantship program will therefore provide the capability to support projects where specialised analysis, visualisation, or development skills will enhance a project or are required for its success.

The Assistantship position provides the opportunity to:

  • Consult and provide assistance to researchers in addressing a wide range of data challenges.
  • Develop and deliver training for students, faculty, and staff (to be included in the Open Learning Program).
  • Collaborate with researchers on projects requiring machine learning, data engineering, data visualisation, programming and computational skills.

Intern program

The duration of this program is based on continued business need, availability of funding, and satisfactory job performance. Assignments may include:

  • Community and events coordinator
  • Communications
  • Graphic design