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Consortium Membership Types

Universities, research organisations and government agencies receive a variety of benefits and the opportunity to provide feedback to shape the future direction of Cirrus – Africa’s AI operation

Tier 1 Consortium Membership

Tier 1 Consortium Members are entities that appoint Ambassadors and are therefore able to influence Consortium activities and governance through the Ambassador Advisory Network. Tier 1 Consortium Members have a higher priority for accessing Cirrus resources and for collaborating on new funding opportunities.

Tier 2 Consortium Membership

Tier 2 Consortium Members are entities that do not appoint Ambassadors, but still have access to many Cirrus resources.

Ambassadors serve as community builders, making connections between people and resources. Ambassadors will be senior strategic individuals within their local institution and will be supported by a project manager where necessary.

Typical Ambassador activities will include:

  • Hosting awareness sessions for their local institution’s researchers, educators, students, scholars and administrators.
  • Meeting with individuals and educating faculty on their campuses who are eager to learn more.
  • Establishing and managing partnerships with faculty on-campus.
  • Learning from peers by participating in periodic face-to-face meetings and at conferences.
  • Sharing information with other Ambassadors.
  • Leading the integration of instruments, sensors, shared computational resources, and data repositories at their local institution.
  • Plan and submit funding requests.
  • Connect Cirrus with useful resources and helpful people on their campus.
  • Point interested individuals toward services and resources available at Cirrus.
  • Working with the Cirrus Assistantship program on the analysis of supply and demand, to identify what is required to meet future needs.
  • Lead the development of key communities of practice, including connections with international communities and initiatives.

The appointment of Ambassadors to establish on campus expertise will ensure:

  • Greater visibility for the institution’s research activities.
  • Synergy between projects.
  • Provision of expertise that is otherwise difficult for individual projects to obtain.
  • Lower learning curves.
  • Improved retention of top-quality researchers by providing opportunities to collaborate on ground-breaking projects.

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